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Google changes its search algorithm and Milwaukee small business wins....maybe

21 Dec

Google changes its search algorithm and Milwaukee small business wins....maybe

Author: Chris Grow

There are several search engines but it's safe to call Google the eight-hundred-pound gorilla of the bunch. How dominant are they? In the United States, roughly 75% of all internet searches originate on Google. So when they make a change to their search algorithm, the thing that basically determines what results you see, anyone with a website that wants to be found needs to take notice.  

What's interesting about this most recent change that rolled out earlier this year is how it demonstrates the growing use of mobile devices in search. Long gone are the days when we sat in front of our desktops and searched Google for a product or service.  There are more searches originating from smart phones and tablets now than the laptop or desktop.  And since Google wants to make sure the search results they show are not only the most relevant but create the best user experience, websites that aren't "mobile friendly" are about to get kicked to the proverbial digital curb.

So what's "mobile friendly"? Basically it means when someone is looking at your website on their mobile device, they're not looking at your full-sized standard website but a version of it that is much easier to read and navigate based on the device their viewing it on.  An "un-friendly" mobile site looks clunky and will be a challenge to read on the smaller mobile screen.  Since this creates a less appealing user experience, with the change in Googles algorithm, sites that are not mobile friendly will begin to be pushed further and further down the search results.  And since 94% of searchers don't go beyond the first page of results, less and less people will begin to see your site.

So how's this opportunity for the small business? Well believe it or not, there are a lot of sites out there that are not ready for this change.  While your current site may not be mobile ready today, the small business owner should be able to move faster than their larger competitors in getting their website optimized for the mobile search experience.  As the big boys move further down the results, you have the opportunity to become more front and center. 

Regardless of this change by Google, even if someone knows who you are and searches you directly on their mobile device, it's important to give them the best experience possible in viewing your website. It's a basic rule of business...make it harder for your customer to do business with you and they're likely to go find someone who makes it easier.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Follow the link below and run a test on your site. Or simply take a look at your website on your own mobile device and see what it looks like. The good news is updating your website can be done quickly and cost efficiently. We'd be happy to show you how. Click here to contact us.

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