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How Do We Treat Your Business? Like It's Our Own.

Our customer base is shrinking or not growing fast enough

Sometimes the challenge or opportunity is obvious; it's the solution that is less apparent. Perhaps the answers lie in your data, website analytics, or how you're communicating with your clients and prospects. More than likely, the answers lie in all these areas and more. By spending time in your business, we walk in your shoes. We interact with your customers and employees. We experience making your products or providing your company's services. Why go to these lengths? Because once we understand your business, your passion, Third Eye Local will create and execute customized solutions to move your marketing forward, getting your business growing and meeting objectives.

We need to understand why I'm losing or how I can gain customers

As the media landscape changes, you need to watch what is happening in your own backyard. Your competition is transforming. It might be a new competitor that just opened their door down the block. It might be a business that is out-of-market but is taking your customers away by using new digital channels. At Third Eye Local, we'll be that extra set of eyes on your marketplace, implementing strategies to ensure we not only help you protect your current customer base, but guide you to new areas of customer growth.

We have a product or service that is losing its audience or could benefit from more exposure

It's likely your product or service isn't losing its audience as much as it's not finding them in the same places any longer. Where your customers or prospects spend their time isn't just shifting -- it's spreading out across an ever-growing array of choices. They may be reading a newspaper, but online and likely not just their local publication. They may be listening to music through radio, satellite, or a streaming service. They may be watching television, but through multiple channels and on multiple devices. Gone are the days when a single advertising solution reaches your desired audience. Have you defined your growth path in this overwhelming media menagerie? At Third Eye Local, we'll help you navigate the crowded media landscape. We have the knowledge and experience to put your marketing message in the right places.

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