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Copy, Creative & Video

You provide an amazing product or service. Your marketing messages should be just as amazing. Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding. And never forget that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression with customers. At Third Eye Local, we help you tell your story in...

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Sometimes the best way to reach your customers isn’t through paid advertising but through face-to-face interaction. Many industries and markets host events or trade shows that can put you directly in touch with consumers who desire your product or service. At Third Eye Local, we love events. We’ll help you...

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Market Strategy

When you launched your business, you probably developed a market analysis that told you the time was right to offer your product or service. But as time has passed, your customers may not be responding the way they used to, or competitors may have entered the market. Or maybe it’s...

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Media Buying & PR

With a myriad of new marketing options, it’s hard to determine which media make sense for your business and how to buy the right amount of exposure to meet your goals. And agencies often take percentages or keep the dollars they save you. Third Eye Local has “been there, done...

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Interacting on social platforms is a fabulous way to connect your organization with customers. Used correctly, social media will drive traffic to your virtual front door: your website. A well-designed and well-executed social media strategy allows companies to communicate, interact and learn what is important to customers. Done right, social...

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Web and Mobile

Interacting with customers has never been easier thanks to the digital universe. Your website is your virtual front door and having a website that is easy for customers to access on mobile devices is no longer a "nice to have" but rather a "must have". Today, consumers are searching for...

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