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Branding & Web design

Branding & Web design

Branding & Logo design

A logo is the face of the company, designed to help people to quickly identify their products and organization, and give them a reason to choose their products over the competition.

Baynick's Logo 

Update Baynick's with a new modern logo to bring the company up to date. Keeping a similar font so old customers will be familiar with the company, but changing the icon to a window frame, reflecting on the company name change. Curving two corners of the window to create the BE of Baynick's Egress within the negative space of the windows.

Bronze Optical Branding

Bronze Optical logo

We created a new logo for Bronze Optical, taking advantage of the company have two 'O's in the name to create a pair of glasses. Using the frames of the glasses and extending them around the company name to border it giving the illusion of a picture, which is in relation to the Gallery part of the company name.

Bronze Optical Advertising

Demark's Rebrand

DeMarks logo rebrand
DeMarks Branding

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